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Karl Caron Airgun - Custom (Canada)

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#1 Karl Caron Airgun - Custom (Canada)

Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:41 pm


Came across this old post..

NB: Doing a Google search and contacting Admin from that website- unfortunately there is no trace whatsoever of Karol Caron to reach out to him...if you know him, please update this thread...


Karl Caron is from Quebec, Canada. This was his winter project (2011) a mix between an EV2 MKIII and MAC 1 USFT.
Barrel L.W. -177 ; 24"
Trigger 2 stage adjust.
Pressure reservoir 2500 PSI, Regulator 1000 PSI adjusted.
1000 fps @ 55 grams pellets (Take with CRONY F-1)
11.5 Lbs with scope

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