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Daystate WOLVERINE - .303 Calibre ! - SHOT SHOW 2012

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#1 Daystate WOLVERINE - .303 Calibre ! - SHOT SHOW 2012

Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:59 pm

Credit: shooterjim (USA)

"This is going to be Daystates New Premium platform for many of the future Daystate Rifles. With an overall weight of 7.5 lbs, Gary Cane inspired ambi stock, 400 cc light weight bottle, one piece aluminum receiver, totally new trigger design, pneumatic magazine cycling, 23" fully shrouded barrel. First Addition will be available in a .30 caliber actually .303 to be precise, approximately 104 ft/lbs with 20 shots before refilling. Other calibers will be available later in the production year. Pricing not available at the time, this will be Daystates Premium Line, I'm guessing the price tag will be at or slightly above the current Air Wolf pricing. "
Daystate Wolverine - 100_3143.jpg
Daystate Wolverine - tn_100_3149.jpg
Daystate Wolverine - 100_3144.JPG

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