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ATAMAN (BVG Ind. / Demyan)- Finally Available in Shops !

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#1 ATAMAN (BVG Ind. / Demyan)- Finally Available in Shops !

Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:50 am

BUT Russia ! At last, It seems like the product is hitting the shelves in Russian Airgun stores :mrgreen:

Here's an idea- anyone visiting Moscow, then going on to Estonia by car ? (now part of EEC)...Ive seen Kalibr bullpups for sale on, originating from goods ARE getting in through this route ;)" onclick=";return false;

Indication Cost wise (Spot Fx rate Dec. 2 /2011)

Ru 45,000 = USD$1463 = GBP933
Ru 50,000 = USD$1626 = GBP1036
Ru 55,000 = USD$1788 = GBP1140
Ru 60,000 = USD$1951 = GBP1244
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