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Diana P1000 review


#1 Diana P1000 review

Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:55 pm

So, I kinda promised to write a review of the Diana P1000, so here goes.

I did this review in three parts here (dutch!)m I'll do the same here as I tend to include a lot of pictures :) The parts are: General observations, grouping at 50m and shotcount and velocity.

Anyway, let's get to it.

DISCLAIMER: The review is for the full power caliber .22 Diana P1000. If you want a .177 or if you live in a country with a power limit on airguns, some of the stuff below might not apply. Consider moving, too, so you can shoot real airguns! ;) Also, I can't seem to put the pictures inline in the review text like I normally do. So all piccies are at the end in the order of mentioning.

The Diana P1000 has been long in expectation as it has been shown at the SHOT show and IWA at least two years ago. Early last year there was finally a release date, october 2011. October came and went. November, december and january 2012 too, but in february 2012 it was finally there. The Diana P1000 was in the shops!

I asked one of my suppliers to give me a heads up when the rifles arrived and indeed I received an email in february with the joyful announcement that they indeed had arrived. I couldn't get to the shop right away, so I wasn't the first to get one. No, someone else I know got a P1000 before me and soon after I received a worrysome message: The P1000 had problems with the magazine indexing. It skipped pellets. Oh dear.

Anyway, I went to the shop anyway and tested the rifle. Indeed, it had the same problem so I left it there. I did make a deal though, I still want the rifle (let's face it, it's drop dead gorgeous!) and I wanted a nice scope on it too (I selected an Optisan Prestige 6Z 2-12x50). The whole batch went back to the factory to get fixed and a few weeks later I was able to pick up my brand spanking new rifle and scope combination. Of course I test fired the gun and all was well with the magazine indexing. As I understand it, the ratchet on the magazine had been modified, the dimples are deepened and the spring retaining the ball bearing stiffened. Who cares, it works :)

I selected the base model. Sporter stock, no silencer. The thumbhole stock is...well, I don't like it. I don't like silencers either, but if you intend to shoot this gun in enclosed or "sensitive" areas be sure to order the silencer too. Especially in full power (40+ J) this gun barks like there's no tomorrow. Diana made it so that you can basically only use their silencer, a generic 1/2" UNF threaded one won't fit. Not because the threads are different but because the reservoir extends all the way to the muzzle, leaving no room for the silencer body. Clever marketing to sell their own (expensive) can, I guess, but not very consumer friendly.

So, what's in the box?

Well, the rifle of course, duh.

See: "Box 1" and "Box 2".

It also contains a booklet, one 14 shot rotary magazine of the proper type (i.e. simple). It also contains a single shot "slide" adapter which I don't particularly like (design wise) and the adapter to screw directly into your bottle or pump. Yes people, this gun doesn't have a "quickfill", to get the reservoir filled you need to take it off the gun. The reservoir is made by Walther, but it does have a Diana label on it. And as with all Walther tubes, it can be filled to 300 bar (good luck with that if you have a pump).

See: "Airtube 1"

The rifle itself shaped very nicely. I'd call it classic. It comes in a two part beech stock. This might sound cheap for a gun of this (E1000) price range but it looks nice enough. I would prefer a nicely figured walnut though.

See: "Overview 1"

A nice detail is the forestock has been shaped properly around the airtube.

See: "Forestock 1"

The Diana P1000 is a socalled Sidelever gun. It means you pull a lever to cock the gun. The stroke is quite short and reasonably light for a 40+J gun. It feels a bit "new", hopefully it'll wear in after a tin or two of pellets.

See: "Sidelever 1"

The magazine is how I like it most. Simple in design. I've seen them more simple, but this will do. At least it doesn't have any moving parts, springs, grease holes and whatever else manufacturers come up with these days, so they should be fairly cheap to buy as spares (as opposed to the idiotic amounts of money "other brand" magazines cost). The flipside of a simple magazine design is that all the indexing mechanics are hidden inside the gun, and that can become quite complex. We've already seen with the false start of this gun that it's quite hard to do right and if something goes wrong the you're out of a gun as it needs to get fixed. Every upside has its downside I guess. Anyway, the magazine is simple to load, just push the pellets into the holes and be done with it. 14 holes, if you're a good enough shot that's all you need in the field :)

See: "Magazine 1"

Placing the magazine in the gun is easy too. Pull the sidelever back to clear the bolt, slide the locking button back for the central magazine pin, and place the magazine in the slot. A ball bearing will hold it in place for you, but don't forget to slide the central pin back!

See: "Breech 1"

Next up is to shoot the gun. Pulling the trigger feels nice. It's a large trigger blade which sits in an also large guard. If you like to shoot with gloves on, this is the gun for you, plenty of room! Anyway, the trigger itself is a fully adjustible two stage trigger which has a long first stage travel and a bit heavy break right out of the box. Not unpleasant for a hunting gun maybe, but for target shooting I need to set it to my liking. But hey, that's different for everyone.

See: "Trigger 1"

In general, the build quality of this rifle is very good. It has nice wood, nicely coated metal, it all feels solid and heavy. Well engineered piece of kit!

This also shows inside the gun. I received these pictures from someone who isn't afraid to pull apart a brand new gun. So if you ever wanted to see what a Diana P1000 looks like on the inside, this bit is for you!

See: "Intestines 1" to "Intestines 4"

In the next bit we'll shoot the gun on the 50m indoor range!
Box 1
Box 2
Airtube 1
Overview 1
Forestock 1
Sidelever 1
Magazine 1
Breech 1
Intestines 1
Intestines 2
Intestines 3
Intestines 4

#2 Re: Diana P1000 review

Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:15 pm

This part and the next will have less text, I promise :)

Lets shoot it on the range. The only distance that really counts is 50m and further, so I shot at 50m with 18 gn. JSB Exact Heavy

I first spent a couple minutes getting the shots on paper, and then went for the real thing. Mind you, the rifle hadn't been filled yet, but it was still in the green zone (albeit not very far :)):

See: "Group 1"

After shot 14, the pressure gauge was into the yellow and it's indeed visible in the group. The last few shots were dropping off. I filled the rifle to 200 bar (all I had at the time) and went to shoot another group of 14. At least that was the plan someone else wanted to try first. He shot a 10 shot group (the "1 euro" group). After some other people had a play too, I shot another 14 shot group, the "50 cents" group.

See: "Group 2 and 3"

The last group I shot on that fill was again dropping off as air capacity was running out again.

See: "Group 4"

I'm not too disappointed by these results. The gun outshoots me, that's for sure :)
Group 1
Group 2 and 3
Group 4

#3 Re: Diana P1000 review

Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:43 pm

Third part...

Shot count and other stuff...

First the other stuff...

As indicated in the first part, the air reservoir has to be removed from the gun to be able to fill it. Some people hate it, I don't mind. Saves me from having to balance the entire rifle while also messing with a (too short) fill hose and a dive bottle. Anyway, to fill the rifle, Diana included a fill adapter. It screws right onto your bottle or (god forbid) a pump, but as opposed to other similar brands Diana has decided to so something new to the concept. They've made a bleed screw into the adapter! That'll sure save a couple of O-rings, I bet! Amazing it took this long for someone to come up with this.

See: "Fill adapter 1"

It also turns out it's not that easy to fill to 300 bar. Even though I have a compressor which puts 330 bar into a bottle, all I can get into the gun was just under 300 :) Also, smaller pressure gauges aren't the most accurate in the world, but still.

See: "300 bar?"

So lets get on with it.

This is the setup I used to do the measurements. It's not the prettiest in the world but it works. As I'm a lazy computer guy I hook up my chrony to my laptop for data logging. As for the tape (before you ask)...I did shoot the rear sensor a few times in the past ;)

See: "Setup"

Anyway, results:

First magazine, measured in ft/s using JSB Exact 16gn:


Average speed: 1011.78 ft/s (308 m/s)
Average energy: 36.4 ft/lbs (49.3 J)

Air left, see "After first mag".

That went from 300 bar to 225 in 14 shots...that doesn't look good! Lets try a second:


Average speed: 1013.57 ft/s (309 m/s)
Average energy: 36.5 ft/lbs (49.5 J)

Pressure left, 200 bar: See "After second mag". That's nicer, so lets try a third magazine:


Average speed: 982.91 ft/s (300 m/s)
Average energy: 34.3 ft/lbs (46.5 J)

Air left, see "After third mag". Nice, it takes about 25 bar for a magazine, not counting the first one. This is 42 shots under its belt already. Lets go for the fourth:


Average speed: 985.74 ft/s (300 m/s)
Average energy: 34.5 (46.8 J)

Air left, see: "After fourth mag", down to about 150bar. That's still plenty, so lets do a fifth to get to the 70 shots the factory specced:


Average speed: 993.19 ft/s (303 m/s)
Average energy: 35.1 ft/lbs (47.5 J)

Air left, see: "After fifth mag". Again. about 25 bar for a magazine. Lets do another.


Average speed: 953.00 ft/s (290 m/s)
Average energy: 32.3 ft/lbs (43.8 J)

Air left, see "After sixth mag". Still in the green even though the speed and thus energy are dropping off already. Lets do a last one, this is getting expensive in lead :)


Average speed: 865.21 ft/s (264 m/s)
Average energy: 26.6 ft/lbs (36.1 J)

Air left, see: "After seventh mag". Yeah, it's pretty much flat now. But hey...not surprisingly after 98 shots! That's two mags more than factory specs (70 shots in .22 at 40J).

In graph, see "Graph", which someone made for me based on the results.

So it does perform up to spec (and beyond), but with a a string of 14 shots at around 1000ft/s it drops down to 870's every now and then. That's worrying, and I've already asked for comments from the reseller and hopefully they'll be able to get an explanation from Diana.

I feel this gun has potential, especially when it gets a little tune. I feel the power curve can be flattened a bit with some work on the hammer spring tension.

To be continued, no doubt!
Fill adapter 1
300 bar?
After first mag
After second mag
After third mag
After fourth mag
After fifth mag
After sixth mag
After seventh mag
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#4 Re: Diana P1000 review

Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:49 pm

Superb review !

Thanks Polar Wolf ! :mrgreen:
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#5 Re: Diana P1000 review

Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:21 pm


"Well, the P1000´s are not quite the gun we were hoping for. Multiple problems including i) power issues, ii) leaks and an iii) unreliable loading mechanism - has meant the guns have been shipped back to the importer. This isn´t what we expected from Diana and are very unhappy that guns can be shipped with such glaring problems. More info to follow but at this moment we don´t recommend this rifle ."

#6 Re: Diana P1000 review

Tue Jun 17, 2014 3:58 am

I have been regularly using this gun for a few months now and have fired couple of thousand pellets through it. I have not faced any issue with the air valve that this gun became notorious in the early production runs. Diana has done a good job fixing the issue. Please note my gun has manufacturing date of jan 2014.

One the flip side I do not like the 14 pellet magazine. Neither does it deforms the pellets nor there is an issue with the alignment with the barrel. However, it just has a tendency to skip pellets in between the shots which is quit annoying. To ensure the gun does not skip the pellet I lightly press the magazine with my finger while cocking. It works but it is just annoying.

Recently I tested the gun with chroney, results are at the bottom of this post. From 250bar to approx 140bar the gun was firing 16grn JSBs at ~910 FPS with variance of less than 10fps and gave over 50 shots. I have been making groups of less than 1/2 inch consistently at 50meters and close to 3/4inch at 100meters. Will share the pics of the groups later.

Sharing Chrony results of Diana P1000 with JSB 16Grn pellets. Pressure is in Bars

Shot# FPS Pressure
Group 1
1 911.1 250
2 915.0
3 911.4
4 906.8
5 907.5
6 905.5
7 907.8 230
Avg. 909.3
Variance 9.5

Group 2
8 909.4 230
9 905.5
10 905.8
11 907.5
12 912.7
13 913.1
14 910.4 205
Avg. 909.2
Variance 7.5

Group 3
15 905.8 205
16 911.7
17 907.5
18 913.1
19 908.8
20 915.4
21 915.4 199
Avg. 911.1
Variance 9.5

Group 4
22 915.4 199
23 910.4
24 913.7
25 907.5
26 907.8
27 911.1
28 911.3 180
Avg. 911.0
Variance 7.9

Group 5
29 911.1 180
30 901.6
31 904.1
32 908.1
33 909.4
34 912.4
35 905.2 155
Avg. 907.4
Variance 10.8

Group 6
36 905.8 155
37 904.9
38 910.1
39 907.8
40 903.5
41 909.4
42 908.8 145
Avg. 907.2
Variance 6.6

Group 7
43 906.2 145
44 909.4
45 908.5
46 907.2
47 907.1
48 908.3
49 909.8 140
Avg. 908.1
Variance 3.6

Group 8
50 902.2 140
51 903.2
52 902.2
53 899.9
54 889.1 130
55 882.5
56 880.6 115
Avg. 894.3
Variance 22.6

Group 9
57 878.3 115
58 879.9
59 873.0
60 862.9
61 846.8
62 837.6
63 827.4 100
Avg. 858.0
Variance 52.5

Group 10
64 845.1
65 816.3
66 807.7
67 802.8
68 797.2 95
Avg. 813.8
Variance 47.9
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#7 Re: Diana P1000 review

Sat Jun 21, 2014 8:53 pm

Obviously coming off the reg at 140bar.

Those sporadic inopportune 130ft/sec differences before have the tell tale symptoms of that chrono you are using. Worst chrono on the market and worthless.
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#8 Re: Diana P1000 review

Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:36 pm


The 2 reviews show a drastic difference in the velocities with similar pellet.
Can anyone explain. What velocity to expect if I purchase this rifle now.
The review done earlier showed approx 990 to 1000 fps.
But the second review showed approx 910 fps.
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#9 Re: Diana P1000 review

Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:29 pm

Are you going to notice 90ft/sec, above 760ft/sec the pellets far flatter than .177 8.4gr at 780

In two years I suspect Diana have finally done some research, testing and changed its attitude how it does things, too late for our old distributors who pulled the plug.

2nd one is a used rifle also newer probably the reason for not seeing 170ft/sec shot to shot variation within 28 shots. Most rifles get better after run in.
Could well be the spring stacking and or arrangement has been sorted why it doesn't drop off like an unregged rifle.
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#10 Re: Diana P1000 review

Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:53 pm

Thanks Jon,
I got your point.
I have a dominator which gives 920 fps avg with 15.9 JSBs, with some minor mods to the valve.
Actually I was looking for a rifle with more power.
However the consistency is missing in the first case.

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