ARCUS Arrow Star

ARCUS Arrow Star

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Description (Google Translator):

"The amazing accuracy of the arrow hit pistol can be up to 15m and more. Shooting by the Arcus is a completely new experience, as the arrow from the shooter's location clearly visible from the target is stuck and we therefore recognize the results after each shot location and can also be corrected accordingly. Arrow serves as a catch an arrow pad as used in conventional arms.

The handling is easy and safe: In the grip a powerful 16-gram CO2 cartridge is screwed. Then you put an arrow into the barrel bore of the gun until it clicks into the lock. Pressing the backup load lever is released. If you briefly press them down, CO2 gas flows at a pressure of 60 bar of the gas cartridge in the firing room. The Arrow Star is now ready to fire.

The grip piece gas inside capsule that contains liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) in equilibrium with each other has is at room temperature has a vapor pressure of 60 bar now operates the loading lever, flowing CO2 gas through a pressure regulator in the Firing Room. As is required for the transition from the liquid to the gaseous phase heat, the temperature drops in the gas cap, whereby the gas pressure decreases according to the vapor pressure curve of CO2. Since the pressure regulator is set at a gas pressure of 48 bar, you can use in a 16 gram gas capsule while shooting with the same energy, until the pressure has dropped from 60 bar to 48 bar. It provides around 20 shots are given.

The gas pressure of 48 bar, the Arrow missile to a muzzle velocity accelerates from 46 meters per second. Arrow with a mass of 9.5 grams, this yields a muzzle energy of 10 joules.

As in Austria is no limit to the projectile energy but only a limitation of the caliber below 6 mm, this weapon can be purchased by anyone over 18 years.

"The pressure regulator has been fitted for a special spring that reduces the pressure in the firing room at 33 bar. Thus, the Arrow missile is accelerated to a speed of 40 meters per second, which creates an energy of 7.5 joules. In this design, approximately 40 shots with the same energy are released.
For this weapon was developed by the Technical and Testing Institute of Physics in Braunschweig, the "F" - mark awarded."

Technical data:

Propellant: Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Caliber: 5.9 mm

Arrow bullet length: 205 mm

Arrow projectile mass: 9.5 g

Propellant tanks: 16g

Muzzle Energy: 10 joules or 7.5 joules

Muzzle Velocity: 46 m / s or 40 m / s

Number of shots: 20 to 40

Length: 274 mm

Price: Under Euro400

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